The Sunday Journey class is open to all adults of all ages.  They meet every Sunday at 9:30 in Fellowship Hall and use use The Wired Word which is a publication that is interdenominational but stands in the mainstream of Christian faith.  The writers of this publication will choose a topic that has been in the news that week, write up an article, and provide discussion questions.  They will send the lesson to the leader who will then send it to class members.   The lesson will provide discussions about important matters of faith raised by that news of the week. It will show us how the Bible is alive today and how it relates to the news events happening in our daily lives.  News is inevitable--whether it be good or bad, but what better way to extract hope than to join Scriptures as tools to persevere and navigate our daily walk in Christian faith.

A traditional Sunday School class meets in the classroom right before fellowship Hall on Sundays at 9:30.  This class intently studies each book of the Bible and enjoys great discussion regarding the Bible.

Wednesday afternoons in Fellowship Hall find "Game Day!" from 1-4pm!  Lively games of Mexican Train dominoes are played and everybody brings small snacks to share.  Any adult can come to play.  Enter through the far east tan door of church (the kitchen door).

A monthly Women's Group meets the first Thursday of the month from 11am-1pm in Fellowship Hall.  The ladies work on various projects and missions and also enjoy a light snack with each other.