Greetings Louisburg UMC,
I hope that you are having a great week! 
How about those Chieeeeeffffffffs! I really thought we were going to get beat. But here we are for the third straight year in the AFC Championship game. Hoping and praying that Mahomes is ready to play! 
Before the Chiefs game on Sunday, I hope that you will join us for worship. Last week I introduced a new 2-week sermon series called "A House Divided." Within this sermon series was an invitation to participate in a deliberative dialogue (discussion) last Monday night. The question up for discussion: "What would it take to get the government we want." I must admit after the events of the last few weeks and months, I was a little nervous about this meeting. For worship on Sunday, I will be discussing in more detail some of the thoughts and discussion from our meeting. I believe it is safe to say that we had spirited conversations, agreeing at times, and disagreeing at others. What I am excited to present Sunday is how a group of people with diverse political views and experiences can come away with shared values! 
Confirmation classes are starting soon. Sunday morning at 9:45 am we will have a parent and youth meeting to discuss confirmation, schedule, and answer any questions you might have. Please be sure to let us know if your youth are interested in participating. 
Blessings, Pasator Brad