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Exploration Wednesday

As you have heard me say on Sundays, I firmly believe that one of the goals we all should have as Christians is bringing people together to have loving, respectful conversations over topics we don’t necessarily agree on.  As such, we need to practice that art in a safe environment so that we are better equipped to do so in our Monday through Saturday lives. 

Therefore, I am strongly encouraging you to be a part of our Exploration Wednesday as we come together for round table discussions of various topics of our day.  

Exploration Wednesday will begin next Wednesday, September 14, with the usual meal at 5:30pm.  At 6pm, the children and youth will go to their respective ministries and the adults will stay with me in Fellowship Hall.  The topic will be presented and include a number of opportunities for table discussions.  The topic for the first week will be “Satan, a real being or a metaphor for evil.”  We will end at 7pm.

Here is the schedule of topics for September:

  • September 14th:  Satan, a real being or a metaphor for evil?
  • September 21st:  Why God:  How do we make sense of tragedy in the world?
  • September 28th:  Are angels real beings?  What is their purpose?

I do hope you will consider this as part of your continued discipleship as we go on together to perfection in love.