Greetings Louisburg UMC,

Every church needs a strategy for growth and vitality.  While the Board and Building Committee continue to strategize the hardware needs of our mission and ministry (the building project), I am reaching out to you to consider being part of the “software” of our mission and ministry.  Here is the information as to what each team is about.  

Intergenerational Team: 

This team will study the demographics of our community, and more importantly, the way each generation thinks.  This team will help us to strategize ways to tailor our ministries in ways that honor each generation.

Discipleship Team: 

This team will study the various ways we can create a  discipleship training ministry that utilizes all of the tools available to us today.  This team will help us to strategize ways to help every individual rediscover who God created them to be and the way sin has distorted that image.  

Connection Team: 

This team will study the best avenues to use in connecting with those who are not yet a part of our faith community.  This team will help us strategize a step-by-step process for reaching out individually and as a church, planning their first visit, following-up after each visit and moving them from seeking/visiting to actively engaged.

Marketing Team: 

This team will study the best ways to let our community and region know about LUMC and what makes us unique.  More importantly, this team will help create ways using social media to make individuals and families aware of the unique way LUMC can help them rediscover God’s plan for their lives.

If you are interested in being a part of one or more of the above, please text 913-521-5673.

I am excited to work alongside all of you to make the best church in Louisburg even better.  Each of these teams will report to the LUMC Board.

Thanks so much!

Pastor Shane